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Insulated Concrete Forms

Penner Insulation- LOGIX Concrete Forms

We are registered dealer for Logix® ICF. We offer the complete line of Logix® ICF, including the platinum series block which has a 10% higher R-value than regular ICF block. We can provide you with Logix ICF as well as installation services. If you wish to install the products yourself, we are happy to provide consulting services for any questions that might arise.

Why should you use ICF?

Penner Insulation- LOGIX Insulated Concrete FormsThe Friendlier Technology

Green homes don’t just help you reduce your energy consumption, they also offer cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. For greater breathability and livability, the construction materials are non-toxic and do not emit gas or VOCs, and offer zero nutrient sources to promote the growth and spread of mold.

Logix’s advanced design also leads to a reduction in your exposure to another form of pollution – noise pollution. The same construction methodology that reduces air flow also affects noise flow, reducing outside noise to a whisper.

The Smarter Technology
Expanded polystyrene and concrete are today’s homebuilding equivalent to peanut butter and chocolate. Polystyrene has long been used as an insulator because of its closed-cell structure and lack of thermal conductivity – think about a drink cooler filled with ice on the inside that still feels perfectly warm on the outside. Concrete has an even longer history of offering homes with exceptional strength and durability – think about the foundation of any home or structure standing today.

Penner Insulation- LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms: BenefitsThese two materials, combined with a genius single-wall construction, offers a continual insulating wall that inhibits energy loss and provides a constant R-Value of up to R-28 – for life.

The Stronger Technology

People’s lives – and entire towns and neighborhoods – have been decimated by severe fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Logix’s concrete core withstands more.

Penner Insulation- LOGIX ICFLogix XtraComfort homes are wind-rated to over 300 mph, have a 4-hour fire rating, protect against earthquakes with engineering available for all seismic zones, and prevent moisture penetration to protect against rotting of the structure.

The Elegant Technology

With Logix, living better also means looking better. Unlike wood-frame built homes, your Logix home is frost resistant, mold resistant, crack resistant, pest resistant, waterproof and is not susceptible to drywall nail pops.

Penner Insulation- LOGIX ICF In areas prone to termite infestation, the Logix TX™ Series has been specially treated to prevent against termites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ICF’s just for foundations? No. ICF’s have many uses including above grade walls and retaining walls

How high can I build with ICF’s? Multi-storey structures can be built with ICF’s

Do the forms stay on after the concrete is placed? Yes, the EPS stays in place to provide insulation, space to run utilities, and a surface to install finish materials like stucco, stone, brick, and siding.

What wall thicknesses can be built with Logix ICF? Concrete thicknesses of 4″, 6.5”, 8”, 10″ and 12″ can be built using standard Logix forms. The resulting overall wall widths are 9.5″, 11.75″, 13.5″, 15.5” and 17.5”. Walls of greater width can be built using the Logix Xtender Clip.

How much does it cost? Contact us for a free quote

Do you provide product support? Yes we can be contacted for any questions you might have. When your project is under way, we will even provide you with some onsite support if needed.

Do you have the necessary bracing for the ICF? A two week brace rental is included in your ICF purchase. Arrangements can be made if more time is needed.

How long will it take to get my ICF? We maintain some stock, but delivery to your site, directly from the manufacturer, usually takes 2 weeks

Can I build with ICF myself? Basic ICF buildings are possible by yourself, assuming you have some construction experience. We are more than happy to give you information to assist you in the construction of your project.

How long does it take to build with ICF? That depends on the complexity of your project. If the footings are poured, most basements can be completed within the 2 weeks we allow for bracing rental.