Energy Advisor

Energy Advisor for new and existing homes.

The energy efficiency of our homes and businesses is something we should all be concerned with and, where possible, taking the initiative to make the changes necessary to reduce our consumption of energy and emissions.
In these days of increasing fuel costs and environmental awareness the role of a Certified Energy Advisor is becoming an important part of the construction process and building energy management.

Penner Insulation works closely with Nate Sereda in Invermere who is a certified Energy Advisor. He offers a large range of services to both the residential and commercial sectors, for new and existing buildings.
As a Certified Energy Advisor, Nate can provide a wide variety of services to new home builders. Using the latest in home Energy Modeling, he can forecast the annual home energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions of your new home.

Nate also offers:

  • EnerGuide Rating for your existing home along with a detailed Home Energy Efficiency Report.
  • Radon Gas Detection & Mitigation
  • Draft Protection
  • Blower door testing to show air leakage in your home

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